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Exterior Emulsion

Our company is bracketed with reputed Manufacturers & Suppliers of Exterior Emulsions such as Maxell Exterior Emulsion and Maxell Plus Exterior Emulsion. We provide 100% pure and superior grade Exterior Emulsions made from quality raw material. We make available Exterior Emulsions in a variety of grades and offer them at economical prices. Buyers interested in buying Exterior Emulsions in bulk can contact us.

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Maxell Exterior Emulsion

We offer highly acclaimed Maxell Exterior Emulsion in the market. Maxell Exterior Emulsion is water base exterior emulsion, which is weather resistant. It is based on pure acrylic, excellent pigments, and extenders providing smooth and durable coating. The emulsion is known for alkali resistance, anti-fungal and anti


Maxell Plus Exterior Emulsion

We bring forth Maxell Plus Exterior Emulsion , which is weatherproof emulsion. It is water base with pure acrylic, excellent pigments, and extenders. Maxell Plus Exterior Emulsion ensures smooth and durable coating on a surface. This emulsion is resistant to alkali, bacteria and algae. Maxell Plus Exterior Emulsion is